Infection Control Consultant,
Harvard Medical School

  • Infection Control Consultant, Harvard Medical School & Partners Health, Boston, MA Harvard Medical School, Incite Health Fellow
  • Department of Primary Care program bringing together multidisciplinary teams from across the US to promote design thinking and entrepreneurship to guide the future of primary care
  • American Society of Heating Refrigerating and Air- Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE): Epidemic Task Force, Environmental Health Committee, Distinguished Lecturer
  • President and Founder, Building4Health, Inc.
  • B4H collects, aggregates and analyses data from your indoor environment to guide management of indoor air quality for optimal occupant health
  • CEO, Taylor Healthcare Consulting, Inc.
  • Physician-led consulting on commercial building design and operation to support optimal occupant health and productivity

Graduated from Harvard Medical School and joined Harvard’s medical staff as clinician and academic researcher in cellular growth mechanisms for several decades. Developed special interest in hospital acquired infections during hospitalizations and pursued further studies to gain a better understanding of the role of the hospital building in patient outcomes. Obtained a Master’s degree in Architecture from Norwich University in Northfield, Vermont. Founded a healthcare consulting, physician-led company that specializes in designing, building and maintaining hospitals and commercial buildings for optimal occupant health and productivity. Founder of Building4Health company, which focuses on an analytical platform to determine the impact of an indoor ecosystem on inhabitant health.


  • Howard Hughes Neurobiology Fellow, Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Soma Weiss Research Award, Harvard Medical School
  • Cume Laude from Harvard Medical School
  • University Fellow and member of Board of Fellows, School of Architecture & Art
  • Soma Weiss Research Award, Harvard Medical School
  • Fellow of Royal Society of Public Health, UK, and member of Chartered Association of Building Engineers

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